... a track record of evidence-based policy development
2009Delivering Climate Change Adaptation through the UK Planning System
for the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution through the TCPA
Writing a commentary and recommendations on the abilities of the Scottish planning system to deliver climate change adaption.
2009 Corporate Plan 2010 - 2014
for the Royal Town Planning Institute
Drafting the RTPI's five year corporate plan.
2009 Eco -Towns Housing Worksheet
for the Town & Country Planning Association funded by the DCLG. Drafting the worksheet on housing in eco-towns as part of the range of TCPA/DCLG worksheets.
2009 Strategic development plan for a joint venture between the Royal Institution of Great Britain and the Royal Town Planning Institute
for the Ri and RTPI
A project to identify clearly the position that the joint venture will occupy; identify its key attributes; suggest the ways of working that it will engage in; identify broad areas of interest and issues that may fall within its remit; develop existing thinking on governance; prepare a focused business plan.
2009 Strategic Housing Issues
for Manchester City Council
Preparing an issues report for the Housing Departmental Management Team to identify key challenges and to scope workstreams to address these.
2009 Planning Law in Practice
RTPI Conferences masterclass
This masterclass covers current legal and practice issues in: Section 106 and the proposed Community Infrastructure Levy; Strategic Environmental Assessment; planning for affordable housing; new guidance and procedures in integrated spatial policy; issues on probity and pre-determination for Councillors.
2008 - 2009 Making Places Network: Development Support
with Dr Helen Walker, for South East Excellence
The Making Places Network is a grouping of a number of national and regional bodies operating in the South East. The work focussed on developing a model for a diagnostic and intervention process for assessing the capacity and support needs of local authorities and the appropriate sequencing of potential interventions.
2008 Housing Policy and Community Involvement funded by the Department of Communities and Local Government
through Nick Wates Associates
This commission required the drafting of pages for a new section - Housing UK - for www.communityplanning.net. These cover: the planning system for housing; housing policy; Government policy on community involvement.
The new section went live in 2009 on www.communityplanning.net/housing/housing.php. This has been shortlisted for an RTPI Planning Award.
2008 Why Plan?
book commissioned by Palgrave MacMillan
The book will explore the rationales for planning and examine the legal, political, and institutional frameworks within which planning operates. It will investigate the factors that have given rise to planning in its current form and engage in discussions about its future. The book will demonstrate the varying rationales through frequent international case studies. It will draw on relevant theory and on the historical context where relevant.
2008Representing the Royal Town Planning Institute at the 4th meeting of the World Urban Forum, Nanjing, China
Chairing and giving workshops and seminars for the RTPI and the Global Planners Network. The event is described in CAP News.
2008 Achieving Affordable Housing as a Proportion of Private Housing Development
for the Minister of Planning & Environment, States of Jersey
This project was undertaken in three parts:
  • an issues report to identify key issues in developing a totally new approach to delivering affordable housing in Jersey;
  • an options report which has scoped a wide variety of options for using a range of mechanisms to create affordable housing illustrated by examples of practice;
  • a draft policy and evidence base for insertion as an amendment to the Jersey Island Plan. This will be the subject of extensive consultation before being adopted.
2008 Review of the Alignment of Key Strategies across Sheffield City Region
funded by the Sheffield City Region Forum through Merron Simpson Consulting
This study was of the opportunities for aligning policy across regional spatial strategies, sustainable community strategies, local development frameworks and local housing strategies in the nine authorities forming the Sheffield City Region.
2008 Specialist Adviser to the House of Commons Select Committee
Specialist Adviser for the inquiry into Planning Labour Shortages and Skills Gaps. The report - Planning Matters- labour shortages and skills gaps - was published in July 2008.
2008 Development Economics training
with the placeteam funded by the I&DeA
A series of three one-day events was provided for local authorities in Dorset. The course was run in interactively with presentations leading into group working and role-playing. The course covered; development economics and appraisal, and working with the development industry. The course was delivered with Julie Cowans, Director of the placeteam.
2008 Barriers and solutions to the delivery of affordable housing
for Shelter
This project has involved preparing a focused report on ways in which local government can still encourage the delivery of affordable housing during the credit crunch. The draft report was launched at a Shelter seminar in September 2008. The full report, Building blocks - Exploring ways to deliver more affordable homes in the housing downturn, written jointly with Rachel Newton, was launched by the Minister for the South East in December 2008. The results of this project have been presented at a series of regional seminars in England.
2008 Land Supply for Housing
for the Chartered Institute of Housing funded by the Housing Corporation and English Partnerships
This contract involved preparing an initial draft of a study on the practices, influences and barriers surrounding the bringing forward of land for housing and, in particular, affordable housing. The key finding from the report were presented at a workshop at the National Planning Convention in 2008 and the report was published as Great Expectations in 2009.
2008 Planning at the Heart of Local Government for the Department
for Communities and Local Government and the Local Government Association
This study looked at the implications for the range of current changes to local government, including financing, performance review, and community engagement, in terms of their implications for the planning service. The report - Planning at the Heart of Local Government - was published in July 2008 by the Local Government Association with the Department for Communities and Local Government, the Leadership Centre, Planning Advisory Service, Planning Officers Society, Royal Town Planning Institute and the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives and Managers.
2008 Planning for Housing - Policy and Process
for the Housing Corporation
This contract involved designing and delivering a series of one day seminars on the planning system and its relationship to funding for affordable housing to regional investment staff in the Housing Corporation. The seminars were delivered in an interactive way with group working and facilitated discussions and took place in Manchester, Leicester, Exeter, Croydon and, on six occasions in London.
2006 - dateEffective Democracy for Sustainable Communities
for the I&DeA
This project involved organising, facilitating and contributing to a series of 24-hour learning events for local authority councillors and, in some cases, members of Local strategic Partnerships and officers. Two events were run in 2007, one for Taunton Deane DC and Somerset CC and one for Norwich CC and the LSP. In 2008 two events were organised for the 5 Towns Network in West Sussex. These events are not only learning events but end with an action planning session. In developing and delivering this project I put together a team composed of Julie Cowans, Prof. Vincent Goodstadt and Professor Janice Morphet.