An independent consultancy

Spatial Effects is an established independent consultancy taking a fresh approach to policy advancement, research and support in housing, planning and development.

It specialises in:

Spatial Effects is adopting an ethical and environmentally sensitive approach to all its work. This is embodied in the company's environmental statement.

Spatial Effects adopts a particular approach to its commissions. Clients will work directly with Kelvin MacDonald MCIH FRTPI FRSA but the consultancy can also draw on the commitment and expertise of those associates who are best suited to a particular task and can draw upon the services of experts who cover the range of knowledge and experience that are needed to create sustainable development and places.

It takes a very rigorous approach to gathering evidence and undertaking policy research drawing on a high level of knowledge and practical experience and using this to develop new ways of thinking and innovative but practical solutions. Spatial Effects embodies a set of beliefs about the potential of planning and the role of spatial policy in wider agendas and judges potential projects by their challenge and potential value for planning practice. We treat our clients in an open, honest and co-operative way.

Spatial Effects brings this commitment and level of professionalism to all the work we do.

Spatial Effects Ltd. is registered in England & Wales: No. 6879615