Environmental and Ethical Policy

Spatial Effects will promote the aims and practice of sustainable development in all the projects it undertakes, in the advice that it gives and in the ways that it operates its business. Sustainable development embodies principles of democratic accountability and community involvement, fairness, environmental sustainability, addressing climate change, progressive economic development and inter-generational and inter-community equity..

Spatial Effects will seek to reduce the firm's own environmental impact to the minimum achievable through the following means:

In fulfilling these commitments Kelvin MacDonald MCIH FRTPI FRSA will adhere to the Chartered Institute of Housing's Code of Conduct and to the Royal Town Planning Institute's Code of Professional Conduct and will, therefore:

In particular Spatial Effects will not make or subscribe to any statements or reports which are contrary to our own bona fide professional opinions and shall not knowingly enter into any contract or agreement which requires us to do so.